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Headstone: Headstones are the most common type of cemetery memorial used today. This consists of 2 pieces. The top piece is much larger and is called a "tablet." The bottom piece is known as a "base."

Slant Markers: Slant markers typically stand 16" to 18" in height with the front slanting or sloping back at a 45 degree angle.                                                                                                                                                                           
Flat Markers:
Granite markers lay flush with the ground.                  Unique headstones
They are generally 24" x 14" but can be larger depending upon
individual cemetery or memorial park size requirements. 

Bronze Markers: Bronze memorial cast out of bronze. Bronze markers are mounted to either a granite or cement base which serves as a foundation.

Bench: A bench made out of granite. Granite memorial benches serve as enduring memorials dedicating a park or other suitable location. "Monu benches" can also be used as cemetery memorials. Granite benches are growing in popularity as landscape furniture in private residences.

Mausoleums: A private mausoleum is a granite building with stained glass windows and a bronze door. There are also smaller versions available without doors or windows.
More Examples: Please visit our portfolio section for many examples of headstone photos and monument designs, gravestones, grave markers, granite mausoleums, bronze markers and estate monuments. 

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Summary: This page of the Woodlawn Memorials website serves the purpose of helping families to understand and select the perfect cemetery headstone. Included on this page are descriptions and pictures of our custom granite headstones and memorial etching work as it relates to upright memorials, cemetery markers, memorial benches and cemetery mausoleums. We have been designing and creating headstones for four generations. Copyright 2009 Woodlawn Memorials